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from the Apollo-Gaia Project

Beyond the Tipping Point:

Feedback Dynamics and the onset of Runaway Climate Change

David Wasdell delivered this copiously illustrated presentation on the 29th June 2008 to the Strategy-Planning workshop of the Tällberg Forum in the heart of Sweden. It was subsequently recorded in studio conditions and beautifully produced by the staff team of the Tällberg Foundation who also added an introduction by their Chairman, Bo Ekman.

After a basic introduction to climate dynamics, David Wasdell analyses the powerful feedback system, which is accelerating climate change. It is argued that we have already passed the tipping point that marks the onset of runaway climate change, and are fast approaching the critical threshold beyond which the behaviour becomes unstoppable. The presentation concludes with an outline of the global strategy now urgently required to re-stabilise the life-support system of Planet Earth.

A Churchillian Call to Action by David Wasdell

This stirring call to action came at the end of a presentation on climate change delivered on the 16th November 2007 in Westminster Central Hall in London, at a conference sponsored by the World Future Council and Be The Change. David was introduced to the audience by Lawrence Bloom.

The content of the original presentation has already been well covered by the Tällberg video, "Beyond the Tipping Point: Feedback Dynamics and the onset of Runaway Climate Change" [see above].

From the President's Room

Recorded for Estonian Television in November 2007, this "fire-side chat" style interview, took place in the panelled President's room of London's Westminster Central Hall. David Wasdell gives an introduction to feedback dynamics in climate change. He then explains the process by which the IPCC reports are generated, outlining what is included and what is not, and makes a plea for climate science to be updated in real time. The interview concludes with sections dealing with the implications of systems thinking for policy-making, strategies for climate stabilisation, and the concept of a tipping point in the whole earth system which can overwhelm all efforts to stabilise the climate.

The interview was recorded at a conference organised by Be The Change and the World Future Council.